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Bigoted Falwellian Woman defends Jerry

Falwell’s infamous remarks were ignorant and in the worst of taste.  He was disrespectful of those who died in the attacks when he used the to promote his hate-filled fundamentalist views. He was either ignorant of the actual motivations behind the attacks, deliberately ignored those facts, or he welcomed the opportunity to promote his narrow political agenda. Continue reading


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Absolutist Fears

Religionists are scared of scientific knowledge because, at some deep level that they are too scared to admit, science refutes the creation mythology in Genesis.  If Genesis is refuted, then to those who think in Absolute Terms, the entire Bible is refuted as being The Word of God. 

Religionists are so scared of knowledge that many, such as the creationist family in “God’s Christian Warriors”, are home-schooling their children to ensure that they cannot bite the forbidden fruit of secular knowledge. If the facts supported religionist beliefs, then creationists would not need to attack or defend against knowledge. Continue reading

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