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Fall of the Noisome Empire

The fall of the Godmongers

Praise Jesus, it’s the collapse of evangelical Christian rule in America. Rejoice!


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Absolutist Fears to Emotion

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From the Cradle

<i>The original point was that some Christians hold Absolute Beliefs in Biblical Literalism. I am confident that you are aware of their thinking – it’s easy to find on the Internet.</i>

“I have known it intimately from infancy – there is no need for me to find it on the Internet. Depending on how you understand literalism, you might or might not consider me such a person, though there are many Christians who would not. I am certainly an Absolutist, however.”

You said that you hail from Texas, so I believe you on the intimate acquaintance since infancy.

You seem like a pretty intelligent guy who has done a lot of thinking about apologetic arguments. I get the impression that you have investigated a number of different religious systems. Intellectual Christians seem to be particularly attracted to intelligent design creationism. 

I would suggest to you that if you had been adopted into an Indian family at birth you would probably have become a Hindu, Sikh, or Muslim. If you had been raised in an American atheistic, scientific family, then you probably would not hold strong Christian convictions of any kind, provided that you respected your parents. (I recently read that Jerry Falwell’s grandfather was an atheist and his father not particularly religious, so I wonder about the actual nature of those relationships. Jerry was certainly a Moral Absolutist.)

Part 8 of response to No Things in Moderation.

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