rational rejection of supernatural mythologies

Anti-Theocracy Billboard

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, which is the nation’s largest association of atheists and agnostics, is unveiling what is believed to be one of the first nontheistic billboards erected in Madison, Wis.

 “We think it is time for the rest of us to use the mass media to counter the ubiquity of religious messages on roadsides everywhere!”

The Foundation will be erecting another billboard to greet attendees of its 30th national convention, meeting on Oct. 12-13 in Madison. A smaller billboard on East Johnson Street by Fordem Avenue (passed by nearly everyone coming in from the airport) will carry the “Beware of Dogma” message on one side, while the other side will sport the stained-glass motif and the words “Imagine No Religion.”

My guess is that religious fundamentalists, who believe in free speech so long as this includes only their message and freedom of religion so long as people believe in supernatural nonsense, will deface some FFRF billboards.

Every time I consider the stranglehold that religious stupidity has on the US, I am, except for our obnoxious PM (puerile megalomaniac), thankful that I live in Canada.

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October 5, 2007 - Posted by | atheism, Freedom From Religion Foundation, fundamentalism, religion


  1. This fundamentalist believes in freedom of speech for all. I have never defaced a billboard, and probably never will. (I don’t want to make a rash promise.)

    I don’t favor a theocracy, and I suppose that about 99.99% of Americans don’t either.

    Comment by renaissanceguy | October 5, 2007 | Reply

  2. The fact that roughly 50% of Americans would not vote for an openly atheistic candidate indicates that you are incorrect that most Americans don’t want a theocracy. It is simply that religious Americans don’t even know what they are voting for when they cast votes in favor of perceived religiosity of candidates. What they get are idiots like Dubaya.

    You might not deface billboards, rg, but some religious zealot almost certainly will.

    Comment by adeistic | October 5, 2007 | Reply

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